A London show, and more thoughts on silence

October 11, 2011

Long time, no blog – life outside photography has been taking some curious twists and turns, and as a consequence my capacity for critical thought and analysis isn’t quite what it could be.

No matter, though, because the Control exhibition, ready-prepared from its Liverpool outing, has gone to London to show as part of the Photomonth photography festival taking place across East London. We’re showing at Oxford House, a mixed-use art space in Bethnal Green, and it’s great to see the work against white walls after the more gritty backdrop to the Liverpool show.

Thursday night was private view night – it went really well, sweetened for me by the presence of Tor Bruce, the subject of my On Silence series. He was ‘in silence’ for much of his time at the event, which proved surprisingly challenging for some people, who weren’t sure whether they could talk to him – I found it interesting that a voluntary silence could be perceived as a barrier by others.

The show runs between Monday 3rd Oct and Saturday 29 Oct (opening times and details here). My fellow group member Petra Stridfeldt has featured some images from the show and the private view on her blog.

* * * * * * * * * *

I’m starting to explore other silent people and communities, and have spent some time with local Quaker groups looking at their shared silences. I’m also trying to track down a Buddhist monk who undertook a four year vow of silence, but unfortunately it turns out he enjoyed it so much he’s gone back out to a remote Scottish island for another four year block.

Some of the changes happening in my own life at the moment should mean more space for contemplation, and progression of this investigation – and more space for photography!

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