Emerging, blinking, into the light

January 22, 2011

Long time no blog… i think I knew that  it was always going to be the way though. In addition to photography, I write, and I have a full-time job that’s feeling rather more like time-and-a-half at the moment. I’m involved in a group exhibition as part of the Look2011 photography festival, taking place in Liverpool later this year.

I’ve made a start on gathering images for the exhibition, which is hugely exciting but a massive step outside my comfort zone – I’m working on a series of portraits, which historically has been an area that I’ve been very shy of pursuing. Pushing past the shyness is proving to be a challenge – even if, as it turns out, it’s also a liberation.
Talking about portrait projects with people has led to some new opportunities emerging, both for subjects and for exhibition potential. In short, things are moving in the right direction.

However, I think I’m about to miss a group meeting and what’s surprised me most about the process is a need I’ve found in myself for feedback from the group, which is combining with a terror not felt since art school crits. I’ve been photographing for fifteen years or so, but a lot of that time has been spent in solitude, with my only feedback mechanism the inevitable platitudes of Flickr contacts.

I’ve been trying to imagine what it would be like to fling one’s work at the world with casual assurance. It hasn’t escaped me that a little less thinking and a little more doing might not go amiss…

And, needless to say, I’ll be updating the website to reflect new work and new directions – probably over the next month or so.

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